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Christena Evans

Christena was born with psychic abilities and loved to communicate with her brother in spirit as a child.

As she grew up she pursued other interests and goals. She has worked in the performing arts field for much of her life. As she settled down and began having kids her psychic abilities began to once again come to the forefront. It was with the passing of her father in law at age 35 that she began to communicate with spirits on the other side on a regular basis. Her father in law whom she lovingly calls Pops opened the door for her gifts to manifest in the most beneficial way for herself and to serve others. She works consistently on a daily basis with her team of guides, angels, and passed loved ones to give readings that will help heal the heart, body, mind, and soul. She is certified in Reiki as well as a certified Psychic Medium.

Christena's Services

Below are the services Christena offers. These sessions are available via Zoom, phone, email, text, Messenger, and in-person.

To schedule a session, use the “Schedule Now” button below the service description. If you have any questions about any of the services, please contact us!

Oracle Card Reading

This is a general reading where we will use oracle cards to guide and illustrate the message being brought forth. If you have a specific question in mind we will focus on guidance around the answer. This is a great reading for those who form understandings visually and adds a certain artistic element to the service.

$35 – 15 Minutes

Aura/Chakra Reading

In this reading we will explore the health of the aura as well as the chakra’s. There will be a scan completed and any blocks or imbalances addressed. We will work on clearing any problems to restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

$50 – 25 Minutes

Psychic Reading

In this reading all senses will be used to relay visual impressions, communicate worded messages, explore relational patterns, and connect with loved ones to promote healing and health on all levels. Any questions will be answered as well as a completed exploration of the dynamics and energies affecting the current life situation.

$60 – 30 Minutes

Reiki Healing Session

This is an extension of the Aura/Chakra Reading where we will use Reiki energy to not only clear blockages but to relieve any found illnesses.
Any problems found on the psychological level will be sorted out via communication and balanced with the Reiki energy. This is a great session for those who wish to have a mind, body, spirit connection.

$80 – 45 Minutes

Relationship Reading

In this reading we will evaluate the mind, heart, and soul connection between people. We will discuss positive paths the relationship could take and/or possible stumbling blocks. We will develop a plan of action to promote a healthy, fulfilling, forward moving relationship.

$85 – 45 Minutes

Life Purpose Reading

In this reading we will investigate the gifts and talents brought into this lifetime. We will evaluate steps to take to move forward in bringing these abilities into accordance with life work.

$120 – 60 Minutes

Giving Others the Opportunity for Advancement

As we strive to contribute to the health and well-being of all individuals 10 percent of the profit from this work will be donated to different organizations that provide education in the performing arts for children held at a disadvantage.

Connect/Schedule with Christena

Please use the contact form to connect and schedule with Christena. If you need to reach her by phone or text, please use the number below.

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